Naomi (Noni) Deutekom

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Naomi (Noni) Deutekom

The Journey

I'm sure by know you've noticed a theme in the photographs on my website.  I firmly believe that all of life is part of a journey.  Sometimes it is difficult. Other times it is thrilling, However, most of the journey is lived out in the everyday things.  How we face the repetitive tasks that make up our day says a lot about our character.


I began my collage/university education right out of high school. I was sure I knew what I would do with the rest of my life, but I changed my major a number of times before I was through. I did not finish my degrees until after my children were in school.  I obtained a Bachelor of Religious Education and a Master of Ministry in Christian Counselling.  As a lifelong learner I have added to that through many workshops and training programs, including the John Maxwell Coaching and Training Certification.


I am thankful for the love of my family growing up.  Good parents do not guarantee that nothing bad will happen to you and this was true in my life.  What I have learned is that the difficulties along the way have given me more compassion and understanding as I seek to help those who come to me as clients.